Grave Locations

Some of the rows deviate from a straight line but most are N – S. Rows A to V are on the South side of the church, and AA to YY are on the North.

EP Gravestones from inside the church were relaid to form a path along the E of the church during the 19C. This path continues around the church but the stones are listed with the appropriate row.

AS from gate to Old Rectory up to the hedge at the E end of the church
BS along boundary fence to Old Rectory
CS along boundary fence to Old Rectory
DS from line of S buttress, in line with path along E side of church
ES in line from most easterly S buttress
IS in line from 2nd buttress from E
JS in line between 2nd & 3rd buttresses from E
KS in line from 3rd buttress from E
MS in line with W edge of S W window
NS in line from 4th (most westerly) buttress
OFirst row below small bank From W edge of last buttress
PS in line up to W end of S aisle
QS from tower
RS from tower W of S wall 2nd row
SS level with W edge of tower
TS clear of tower from main path to W door
US from top of upper steps to W door
VS from steps along boundary wall
AAN from Old Rectory gate along boundary fence
CCN in angle between path to Old Rectory and path (EP) across E end of church
EEN in between line of path and Vestry door
FFN in line of E wall of vestry
GG½ row starting with stone??
HHN from N wall of vestry
JJN from W buttress of vestry
KKN from Chancel wall between vestry & N aisle
LLN from E wall of N aisle
MMN in line with 1st buttress N aisle (excluding corner)
NNN from 1st buttress to West
OON from 2nd buttress to West
PPN from S aisle along E side of porch
QQN from gate on N porch
RRN from W wall of N porch
SSN from clock line & boiler room steps
TTN from tower door & W edge of tower
UUN from W side of tower: 1m bank along W side of tower
WWNext but one row adjacent to W wall of churchyard
YYN along W boundary wall
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