Getting Married at St Bertoline’s

Our Church is always glad to help couples in every way possible who show an interest in being married at St Bertoline’s.

Those who live in Barthomley itself have the right to be married here. Those who live outside the parish, but have a close family connection St. Bertoline’s, may also be married here “by connection”.

Other couples can also have their wedding at St Bertoline’s, but the law requires that they must qualify to do so. To qualify means that at least one of the couple must worship at our Church at least once a month for six months. They can then apply to be on the Church Electoral Roll, and that entitles them to be married here as if they were parishioners.

The usual legal formality before a marriage is by the Reading of Banns at the Parish Church of each of the parties to be married, as well as here.

St. Bertoline’s will provide the services of an organist, and can also arrange for choir and bells, if requested.

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