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That the community may know that St Bertoline's is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it

in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say

"We would see Jesus".

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The Rectory January 16th 2016 Barthomley

My dear Friends,

Our hearty thanks to all those who made our Christmas celebrations so successful once again. As last year, the Christmas Fair was held on the last Saturday of November. It proved a big success and was a very happy occasion. It was also very successful financially, raising a net £1241. We began early in Church with the WI Mercia Group’s Carol Service on December 10th – we are especially grateful to the WI for the provision and decoration of the church’s excellent tree. The Carol Singing was very fruitful once more, despite a reduced number of those venturing forth on the 16th and 17th. The collection, with the addition of the gift aid recovery, came to £952 !!

The congregations at both the Carol Service and the Christingle were approaching the two hundred mark, and the Christmas Midnight and Christmas Day communions were a joy for all.

Angela and I thank all those who have kindly sent their Christmas greetings to us. It is greatly appreciated.

We have to report that there have been two deaths at the New Year.

Albert Woodhouse died on December 30th aged 89. He was a stalwart tenor in our Choir for many years, previously at Christ Church, Alsager. Our sympathy to sons Mark and Martyn and their family.

On New Year’s Eve, Jessica Witter (Ivy Bailey’s great niece) died in the children’s ward at Leighton, where she had been a frequent resident throughout her eighteen years. There, at Donna Louise and Springfields School, she had won the lasting and deep affection of all who knew her. The strongest evidence of this was that nearly three hundred of her lifelong friends came to give thanks and commit her to God’s eternal care at her funeral on January 14th. Our sympathy, and admiration, are to David, Jane and Jessica’s brother Graham.

A much more cheerful note: our congratulations to Christine Bailey on her appointment in the New Year Honours List as an MBE, ‘for services to the community in Cheshire’. The List has its detractors, but for selfless and honorary service to the community such honours are a worthy acknowledgement of society’s appreciation of others efforts for the common weal. Chris’s efforts have been evident in many fields, but here in Barthomley we have more cause for gratitude than most, both in the Church and the community as a whole.

This is one of those years when Christmas is barely passed before we are in the throes of Lent (Ash Wednesday February 10th). We are being joined by the Barthomley Action Group in organising the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Quiz. Do come and take part in the fun!

To those to whom we have not yet had a chance to say it, ‘A happy New Year to you all’.

With best wishes,

Darrel and Angela

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