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The Rectory

September 17th 2016 Barthomley

My dear Friends,

When one’s third offspring is celebrating his Silver Wedding it begins to dawn on one that time is creeping on apace! What is this thing we know as time? Nobody seems to know. What is a lifespan, or a millennium, for that matter, when set against this week’s news that, what for me is a familiar landscape, Loch Shin, was formed one and a half trillion years ago by a meteorite’s impact! It has been suggested that time does not pass – we do!

It is perhaps of little wonder that, when set against the backdrop of creation’s scale of events, mankind has an insatiable desire to understand and define matters which, by our very nature, are beyond us: beyond us because they are totally outside our experience. Time itself, whatever it is, is so all-embracing, that we cannot think outside it.

That does not stop us from trying, especially in matters of religion and faith. What does “eternal life” mean, for example? Is it just “for ever and ever? So many of our prayers end with those few words. They are words bound up with time, but surely they are speaking of what is not to do with time.

Two of the most formative books of Old and New Testaments, Genesis and St John’s gospel, begin with the words “In the beginning...”. Both set the scene for our attempt to relate heaven and earth to one another, to establish an understandable connection, a meaningful dialogue, between our experience and what is totally beyond that experience. It is an uncomfortable position to be in, but one which we cannot avoid.

Jesus came among us; literally speaking, he pitched his tent with us. He came to show us the Father – to be the connecting link between heaven and earth. Yet he had to resort to parables and similes to get across to us his experience of the kingdom of God. “The kingdom of God is like .....”. His telling phrase is “the kingdom of God is within you”. We do have an inheritance in that which is beyond our understanding. We are not bound by time or space. The common factor between heaven and earth is love, the very nature of God, which we are able to experience and to share. “Those who live in love, live in God, and God lives in them”.

With best wishes to you all,

Darrel Speedy

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